Board and Officers

  • Drew Johnston

    • OGA President
    • Digital River, Senior Director Technical Sales for Gaming

    Drew Johnston is an experienced Technology Leader with a long history in gaming and technology running the gamut of independent games studio founder/developer, Chief Operations Officer (COO) for a military simulator company, Microsoft Product Unit Manager, and VP Technology for an Online Gaming Publisher. Drew co-founded two successful companies in simulation/gaming and held senior management roles at BBN Advanced Simulation, Real Networks, Microsoft Windows & Xbox teams, and En Masse Entertainment. He has a strong skill set in Software Product Management, Technical Evangelism and Business Development / Account Management. He has significant experience in online gaming services and managing software engineering teams to design, deliver and operate online applications and services. Drew is currently Senior Director Technical Sales for Gaming at Digital River, an industry leader in e-commerce, monetization, payments and marketing services.

  • Wanda Meloni

    • OGA Vice President/Secretary
    • M2 Research, CEO, Gaming Business Review, Editor in chief

    Wanda has published numerous reports and articles over the years on game development, software tools, and technology trends. Through M2 Research, she has provided strategy, business intelligence, and community building for some of the top entertainment, consumer goods, and technology companies, as well as advising a wide range of game developers, smaller tool providers, investment firms, and international trade agencies. Wanda is a recognized industry expert and is frequently quoted in Fortune, Fast Company, and other leading periodicals, and she frequently speaks at numerous trade events including GDC, CES, NAB, Casual Connect, and GameStop Expo. Wanda works to support leadership and diversity opportunities for the game development community with a particular focus on women and minorities in games and technology. She is a supporter of STEM programs for the youth and games for social good. Wanda holds an MBA in international marketing from the Monterey Institute of International Studies, speaks several languages, and lives in San Diego.

  • Matt Ployhar

    • OGA Board Member
    • Intel Corp, Senior Graphic Planner

    Matt Ployhar has been in the Tech industry for over 16 years. Over 15 of these years have been spent focused on the Graphics and Gaming industry (12.5 years in Microsoft’s SideWinder Gaming Devices, Microsoft Game Studios, and Windows/DirectX groups; Matt has been with Intel corporation for the past 3.5+ years). Matt’s focus at Intel Corporation is two-fold: he is a strategic planner focused on Graphics and Gaming initiatives, and he holds the position of President for the PC Gaming Alliance, a 501c 6 non-profit organization. Intel Blog (Matt Ployhar) PC Gaming Alliance.

    Credits/Comments: While at Microsoft Game Studios, Matt’s team ran the beta program for all 1st and 3rd party PC Games shipped from 2000 through 2004. Several additional 3rd Party PC Gaming credits can be found at Moby games (Note: This list does not fully represent all of the MGS PC Games contributions)

    Speaker/Interview History: Matt hosts several internal speaking engagements inside Intel, chief of which is the annual Intel-only internal Gaming Summit. Externally, Matt’s more notable speaking engagement for 2011 include a GDC-sponsored session for “PC Gaming’s Global Gaming Value Propositions”, Intel Press Event – Software Media Day, and a couple of speaking engagements at SMU & SMU Guildhall. Matt has also been featured numerous times in interview spotlights such as: Eurogamer, Gamasutra, Maximum PC, Tech Radar, etc. An avid and extreme PC Gamer, Matt has been a very vocal and outspoken proponent in favor of PC Gaming from day one. In his spare time he tends to play MMORPGs, 1st person Shooters, and RTS style games.


  • Min-Liang Tan

    • OGA Board Member
    • Razer, CEO and Co-Founder

    Min-Liang Tan is the CEO and Co-Founder of Razer, the world’s leading brand in gaming hardware. Born in Singapore, he now lives in California where he oversees Razer’s global operations, spanning offices in the USA, Germany, Singapore, China and Korea. Min is responsible for the long term goals, objectives and strategies for Razer and he also serves as the head of Razer’s multi-award winning design group, known for its iconic designs worldwide. Min is also known as one of the leading user experience designers worldwide and his work has built a cult following over the years. He has also been credited with being one of the pioneers of eSports where he was one of the first prime movers of establishing computer gaming as a competitive sport.


  • Brad Craig

    • OGA Recruiter
    • Razer, Director of ISV Relations

    Brad Craig’s background is in Global Product Management and as a Marketing Executive, with extensive experience in Mobile, PC,  Gaming Consoles, VR and Consumer Electronics industries. He has 25 years of hands-on experience in graphics and multimedia-based product strategy and development, as well as enablement of the supporting content ecosystem. He has strong business and technology acumen with proven ability to work cross functionally in complex global organizations to plan, build and launch cost effective world-class products. I liked to think I’ve added to the history of the gaming industry. I helped launched Maximum PC editor PC Gamer, launched Athlon for AMD, launched one of the first VR Headsets in the world, helped get the ATI (Imageon chipset base into Sony PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo and into Qualcomm (Snapdragon with over 485 design wins).


We’re honored to be elected to the Open Gaming Alliance Board of Directors, said Min-Liang Tan, CEO, Razer. There is so much synergy between Razer’s core DNA – an essence of pure commitment to improving the PC gaming experience with state-of-the-art peripherals – and this organization’s drive to establish high standards and quality guidelines for the evolving industry at large. Both Razer and the Open Gaming Alliance are dedicated to addressing the needs of a maturing category and its largely sophisticated audience.