An important part of growing the computer gaming industry is ensuring that game titles meet minimum standards. When users know they will get a good experience from the games they play on their compute device, whether they are running Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, etc., then they are more likely to try more titles.

Gaming Certification Program

The OGA worked with hardware vendors, game developers, and industry insiders to determine the minimum standards and then offer a path to certification in the Gaming Certification Program. The program was designed to be both OS and form factor agnostic, yet agile enough to be applicable to future generations of gaming software and hardware. Only those game titles and hardware certified through this program are entitled to bear the Gaming Certified logo. The program also includes Technicolor Color Certified compliance to ensure that the game will appear to players just as it did to its creative director.

The goal of this program is to keep gaming “open,” to improve the overall quality of computer games on the global market, and to help make these games more competitive with those running on consoles. Learn more about the Gaming Certification Program.

Legacy PC Game Logo

The OGA also administers the legacy PC Game Box Labeling and Packaging Standards originally developed in 2002 by the EMA (Entertainment Merchants Association). Learn more about the legacy PC Game Logo program.