Membership Levels

In addition to a special program for independent developers, we offer two OGA membership levels. The contributor level membership allows members to participate and enjoy all of the OGA membership benefits. The higher Promoter level membership is for members who wish to take a more proactive role and participate in setting the direction of the Open Gaming Alliance’s ongoing initiatives and mission. For more details, please refer the membership chart below. If you still have questions, or you would like to join the Open Gaming Alliance, please contact us today or send us the completed membership agreement.

  Promoter Contributor
Industry Leadership & Benefits
Board Chair N N
Board Officer Y Possible by Vote
Sets Initiatives Y (With a second) N (Can propose)
Subcommittee Participation Y Y
Voter Eligible Y Y
Industry Insights
Annual Meeting/Dinner Y Y
Pinnacle Research Y Y
PR/Marketing & Events Opportunities
Website - Developer Wiki Access Y Y
Website - Cross Links Y Y
Website - Homepage Highlight Full-time 1 month
Events & Press Presence Prominent Secondary
Deliverables & Publications Prominent Secondary
Annual Dues $30K $5K

Why Join?

  • Take a leadership role in shaping important initiatives such as the Gaming Certification, Piracy, Account/Identity Theft, and more.
  • Get the inside track on key issues to help your Gaming business!
  • To get full research access - become an OGA member today