Sales and Marketing Opportunities

OGA regularly outreaches to the community to promote computer Gaming. This unified and vendor neutral marketing and sales effort benefits every member of the alliance.

Company Logo on OGA Website

The OGA website draws worldwide traffic from industry participants, gaming enthusiasts and individuals interested in computer gaming. All member company logos are prominently displayed on the OGA website; Promoters on the home page and Contributors and Promoters on the member page. Each logo is linked to the company's website generating increased visibility and traffic to their site.

Use of OGA Logo and Messaging

All members are encouraged to prominently display the OGA logo and OGA messaging on company websites and in printed collateral, further establishing themselves as thought leaders in the computer gaming industry.

Co-marketing and Group Buys

OGA member companies will be able to join with their fellow members to capitalize on co-marketing and group buys including advertising, trade show pavillions to truck tours.

Product Promotion

OGA maintains a Resource Center on our website to outreach to, and help educate, those wanting to learn more about specific topics of interest in computer Gaming. All members are encouraged to provide white papers, case studies, ROI studies, presentations, webinars and articles for the Resource Center. Through the Resource Center, organizations gain visibility for their brand, products and solutions and reach a wide and diverse gaming audience.

Relationship Forum

All OGA members have access to a members-only forum for discussing and brainstorming joint sales and marketing opportunities and to network with their fellow travelers in the computer gaming industry.

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