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  • Interview with Matt Ployhar, president of the Open Gaming Alliance


    Matt Ployhar, OGA President, sits down with Steve Waskul at SIGGRAPH 2014 to discuss the Open Gaming Alliance: what it is, why it changed its name (from PCGA), what it¹s up to, and why it¹s important to the gaming industry.

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  • Declines in the Console market?


    According to this article on gamesindustry.biz, DFC Intelligence has had to revise its forecast about the console market due to recent declines. (Also be sure to see the chart where Computer-based online gaming is shown as the top gaming platform since 2012 — with...

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  • Phoenix Online Studios™ Announces Their New Indie-Driven Publishing Label


    Phoenix Online Studios™, the award-winning developers who brought us Cognition, and The Silver Lining, are looking to further increase their influence on the indie game market by introducing their new publishing label, Phoenix Online Publishing™. The new publishing label...

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