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  • PCGA Horizons Report Illuminates State of PC Gaming Worldwide

    08/19/2008 The PC Gaming Alliance (PCGA) today unveiled the key findings from its first Horizons Report, an exclusive research study of the PC gaming industry worldwide. Speaking at the Games Convention Developers Conference in Leipzig, PCGA president Randy Stude announced that PC gaming was a $10.7 billion industry during the year of 2007, with retail sales accounting for just 30 percent of total revenues. According to the report, growth was largely driven by online revenues from Asia, the worlds largest market, which is approaching half of total worldwide sales. Online PC gaming revenue led the way in 2007 with $4.8 billion. Learn more
  • PC Gaming Alliance Launch

    02/19/2008 Global leaders of the PC gaming industry announced today the formation of the PC Gaming Alliance, a non-profit organization that unites hardware and software creators, game developers and publishers, and others committed to the PC gaming market with the common purpose of advancing the PC as a worldwide gaming platform. Together, PCGA and its member companies will work to accelerate innovation, improve the gaming experience for consumers and serve as a collective source of market information and expertise on PC gaming. Learn more

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