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  • PC Gaming Alliance Announces PC Game Cannon and Specification Webinar

    10/18/2011 PCGA will host a webinar on November 9th from 10:00-11:00 AM PT to unveil its set of recommendations defining a stable Game Specification and Platform for PC Gaming. The webinar agenda will include an overview of the PC Game Canon and Specification and proposal which was developed with input from several key industry Games ISVs, Hardware Vendors, and OEMs. There will also be a Question and Answer period after the webinar. Learn more
  • State of the Virtual Goods Industry Presentation on March 1, 2011

    05/23/2011 The PC Gaming Alliance (PCGA) is pleased to announce the launch of their Speaker Series designed to inform and enlighten everyone in the PC gaming ecosystem who will be impacted by the evolution of PC Gaming. Learn more
  • PC Gaming Alliance Releases Horizons Report Highlighting Strong Growth in PC Gaming Software in 2010

    02/28/2011 The PC Gaming Alliance (PCGA), a nonprofit corporation dedicated to driving the worldwide growth of PC gaming, today unveiled the preliminary findings of its third annual Horizons research report. This report, prepared for the PCGA by market research firm DFC Intelligence, covers the 2010 year end and encompasses all major aspects of the PC gaming industry worldwide through 2014. The full in-depth report is being made available exclusively to PCGA members. Learn more

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