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  • PC Gaming Alliance Releases Two Member-Exclusive Reports Covering All Aspects of the Still-Dominant PC Gaming Industry

    03/27/2013 The PC Gaming Alliance, a not-for-profit industry consortium, is pleased to announce that yesterday in San Francisco they delivered annual custom research results to the PCGA members, and that they shared portions of these findings with the press at a subsequent news conference. In private sessions yesterday, the PCGA Board of Directors and PCGA Members met with market research firms DFC Intelligence and JPR Research. After five years of producing high quality “PCGA Horizon Reports,” PCGA has doubled their analyst report content and have released the first annual “PCGA Pinnacle Report” featuring the work of these two highly-respected analyst firms. Released yearly, the PCGA Horizons report enables the PCGAs members to better target their products and plan their product lifecycles based on the information in the report and from the analysts. Learn more
  • PC Gaming Alliance Announces New Member Meteor Entertainment™, Publishers of HAWKEN Member-funded consortium demonstrates steady growth in fourth year of operations

    01/08/2013 January 7th, 2013 – CES, Las Vegas, NV– The PC Gaming Alliance, a not-for-profit industry coalition working to better the PC gaming market, is pleased to welcome yet another new member: Meteor Entertainment™. Meteor will be joining the ranks of other prestigious gaming companies such as Epic Games™, AMD™, and GameStop™, and will join in on the PCGA’s unprecedented platform for across-the-board collaboration between diverse companies from the gaming industry and PC sector. Learn more

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